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British Inter County Championships options

Updated 20th June 2020
Dear Members
As you are all aware there is currently some confusions as to the form that the Inter County Championships will take in the future and at present there are 3 x options on which all  current Hampshire County Darts  Organisation members will be given the opportunity to debate the merits of each and decide the outcome
You will find below the proposals laid down by each contender for your consideration
A. Financial comparison
Follow the link below to see a comparison of the 3 x proposals detailing their projected costs of membership etc. relating to Hampshire
Hampshire compared costs BICC
This gives the costs to be levied to Hampshire by each of the applicants
B. Analysis
I will be compiling a full analysis of each proposal in order for you to make a fully balanced decision when the time comes – In the meantime if you have any queries contact
Frank Branscombe – Gen Sec HCDO
C. The Options 
1. BDO British Inter County Championships [BDO-BICC]
This will be a continuation of the system that has been in operation for 47 years and the future plans are detailed in the letter  which confirms that the BDO BICC will be run for the counties by the rules as decided by the counties.
There is also a 3 x year Budget prediction
BDO Proposal – BICC 01-5-2020
BDO Budget forecast

2. United Kingdom Darts Association [UKDA]
The UKDA  is a newly formed  Association which seeks to unify darts within the UK and  includes a proposal for its own Inter County Championships. Its aims and ambitions are detailed in the documentation below:
UKDA Final Proposal 2020
This is the full Presentation  effective from 18th June 2020
UKDA Budget 2020
This is the UKDA budget forecast as published on 18th June 2020
Hampshire Financial-Report
This report gives the cost estimated for Hampshire based on last seasons HCDO Super League numbers

3. Tri Nations  Darts Ltd                 
This is a new Company comprising an amalgamation of the 3 x National Darts Bodies i.e.
England Darts, Scottish Darts Association, Welsh Darts Organisation who intend to also run their own Inter County Championships.
Tri-Nations Business Plan    Issue 2
NOTE – There is an updated Business Plan – Issue 3 pending