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Darts Corner NL – Lancs v Hants – Results

Despite 2 x brilliant 4 – 2 wins by the Hampshire Ladies A&B Teams and despite  many great performances of the Men players Hampshire succumbed to an overall 15 – 24 loss.
This will incentivise  our Teams for the remainder of the season and keep us on course for a brilliant season
Thank you to all players and supporters for the commitment shown in braving the horrendous weather conditions that prevailed at the weekend
Stats below: [click on required RED link]
NL – Prem Tables – Nov 28 2021
Lancs Match Summary 2021-22 v2
Running Averages – Hampshire
2021-2022 Hants Averages after Lancs
Running Averages – Premier Division
NL – Men A aves Nov 2 – 21-22
NL – Men B aves Nov 2 – 21-22
NL – Women A aves Nov 2 – 21- 22
NL – Women B aves Nov 2 – 21-22
Score Sheets
Hants v Lancashire – Men A
Hants v ;Lancashire – Men B
Hants v Lancashire – Ladies A
Hants v Lancashire – Ladies B
Hampshire Appearance Records
2021-2022 Hants Appearances